How to be the hands and feet of Jesus Christ in this world is what New Horizons is all about. Please check out our website at We provide educational opportuinities for at-risk children in Southwest Florida. We are able to provide humanitarian aid to our Caribbean neighbors with our 68-foot cargo schooner, "Star of the Sea." The schooner is also used as a teaching tool for the "Call to Adventure" program that mentors young men at sea.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Scuba Certification

Congratulations are in order to the 'Call to Adventure' crew for their bravery and hard work in becoming scuba certified! Many thanks to John Davidson of the AMI Kids program in Punta Gorda for donating his time and talent in making this dream come true for the crew of the Star of the Sea.

EC300 Roundup

I'm late posting the results of the Everglades Challenge race that I participated in. This year's race was run in horrendous conditions with wind speeds of 40kts plus at times. I was able to make it to Flamingo (checkpoint 3) after suffering a massive rig failure in the Shark River. My Hobie Tandem Island was a great pick for the race but was not alot of fun to pedal into a stiff wind from my breakdown point to Flamingo (26 miles). The being shipwrecked part was awesome as I was able to sleep.....and enjoy the nature that is in abundance in that part of the world. Ellen met me in Flamingo with the trailer and we loaded up and drove to the finish line in Key Largo to enjoy the festivities. Only 17 of 80 boats finished this year and the fleet was filled with damaged and broken gear. EC300 2013...... Maybe! Thank you to all my sponsors, the race was a successful fundraiser for New Horizons and the children in our programs! Videos can be seen on utube if you search backwaterbobec2012 Capt. Bob