How to be the hands and feet of Jesus Christ in this world is what New Horizons is all about. Please check out our website at We provide educational opportuinities for at-risk children in Southwest Florida. We are able to provide humanitarian aid to our Caribbean neighbors with our 68-foot cargo schooner, "Star of the Sea." The schooner is also used as a teaching tool for the "Call to Adventure" program that mentors young men at sea.

Thursday, December 30, 2010

The Fruit of our Mission

I consider myself to be very blessed that I'm able to witness the joy on the faces of those that are hungry and receiving the food aid that we have transported. My vision of using a small boat to deliver aid directly to it's point of use with no middleman or bribes or government corruption has proven itself to be viable and powerful. All the hard work that others have put into this mission, raising the money for the food, packaging the food, trucking the food to Port Canaveral, all the prayers for our safety, all of these things come together for me as I see a joyous facial expression on a hungry person who knows that at least for the short term they will have something to eat. No we didn't change the country, no we didn't provide any permanent solutions but we did provide hope, that and the full belly feeling that someone from another place does care and that perseverance and faith are the only options. When I returned to Port Morgan it was decided that we would distribute the last ton of food to two groups of people, local school children, and the very poor of the village closest to Port Morgan. Many thanks to Ditier and Alan of Port Morgan for hosting 500 schoolchildren on their property and to Vilhelm and Merlene for organizing the village distribution at their home.

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