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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Port Morgan, lle a Vache, Haiti

We arrived at Port Morgan at 0630 and as soon as we turned the corner into the harbor we were protected from wind and waves from any direction. Legend has it that the pirate Henry Morgan used this little harbor to stage his raids on passing ships. I've included a google earth shot of this unique harbor which was modified by slaves in the 1800's so as to make it weather proof. A young local was waiting in his dugout to tie us to a mooring ball in the harbor. Port Morgan has a resort that has been built by it's French owner over the past 25 years. With all the problems that Haiti is experiencing at this time there were no guests and prospects were not good for any in the near future. I was met at the small dock by a man with a shotgun and as I don't speak French much less Creole, all I could say was "Take me to your leader". My new gun toting friend got the idea and I was soon in the office of Didier, the owner of the Port Morgan resort.

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