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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Special Delivery

When the panga crew returned in the morning they had a young local with them named velhelm who spoke great english. He has been called to be a pastor and now works at the orphanage until he can find a sponsor to help him with his studies. Velhelm became my translator for the rest of our time in lle a Vache. Velhelm told me that I needed to go to the orphanage to request the proper paperwork that I needed to satisfy Bahamian Customs so Brother Carl back on Great Inagua could receive his 300 dollar transhipment bond back. After loading another two tons of food aid I grabbed my foul weather gear and got aboard the panga for the 45 minute ride to the village of Madame Bernard where the orphanage is located. Before arriving I hadn't thought too much about the cholera outbreak that is ravaging Haiti, upon arrival it was apparent that a full blown epidemic was underway. After stepping into a pan of Clorox we entered into Sister Flora's compound and I was given a tour. I cried as we toured the handicap wing with the twisted bodies of physically handicapped children in every bed and corner. I met Sister Flora and prayed with her, giving thanks for her dedication and calling out for our Heavenly Father to bless her with her needs. I am so thankful that our mission was one of those blessings! Sister Flora speaks only French so Vilhelm translated her need of a headlamp so she could perform operations at night without relying on someone holding a flashlight, I gladly gave up my l.e.d. headlamp and a large supply of batteries, she was really happy. As the donkeys started arriving with the offloaded food from the panga I went to see the the orphanage school in a different part of the village.

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