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Sunday, July 17, 2011

lle a vache, Haiti

We dropped sail in Abaka Bay and once again entered Port Morgan just before sunup. Within 20 minutes my friend and translator Villeme came paddling out in a dugout to meet us. Within another 20 minutes he had made the arrangements for Sister Flora's panga to arrive within the hour to start the offloading of food and medical materials for the orphanage that Flora runs in the village of Madame Bernard. What a blessing it was to have the offload go so smoothly. By early afternoon Flora's place had received 4 tons of food, diapers, powered milk, medical supplies, and the stuffed animals that my Mom had made. David and I spent some time with Flora and the kids before returning to Port Morgan to arrange for 2 tons of food to go to an orphanage on the mainland in a town called Petite Rivere. I purchased 20 gallons of gas so the panga from Sister Flora would transport the 2 tons across the bay to the mainland, saving the schooner from having to deliver and keeping our location hidden.

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