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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Sister Flora's Orphanage

The tone on the island was much better now than in December when the cholera was rampant. Life wasn't as strained as before and the stress level drop was very obvious. I searched out Father John, the priest who had set up the cholera treatment facility, he told me that on my previous visit the disease was at it's peak and that 1 in 10 residents had contracted cholera and 23 had died during the outbreak. There were no active cases on the island at this time and we exchanged contact information for further work together. The children at Flora's place were happy and looked healthy. If you ever thought that the Kids Against Hunger program didn't save lives, look at these photos and know that donated food is all these kids have to eat. They are just now finishing the food that we brought in December and this new shipment will get them thru the rest of 2011. It breaks your heart to visit this facility but I'm so thankful for Flora and her staff without whom these children would be just another statistic of the heart break that Haiti can be.

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