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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

3 July - 7 July

We have had a wonderful time here on Cat Island. On Sunday ship's chaplin David Ames gave an uplifting sermon at the Old Bight Children's home, we were all truly blessed by the children and Brother and Sister Moss. A delicious fish meal was servered after the service and then it was off for a much needed nap for the captain! The Moss's were off island Monday and Tuesday so the crew filled in and got the kids to a local basketball camp, Casey pitched in as a guest coach for Monday and would have kept going for the whole week if not for boat work to ready us for the next leg to Haiti. We will be leaving tomorrow 7/8 and heading North and East so as to gain the angle needed to ride the trade winds to Cap Haitian. After a short offload of art supplies for Hosean ministries and some food for Pastor Andre we will be sailing to Great Inauga for our 7 ton load of food for the Haitian town of Los Cayes on the south coast. We will post again when possible . Blessings to all. capt. bob


  1. Blessings and prayers for your travel and mission.
    Uncledave arrived in US after many Franklins. Prayers for Ellen and Capt John getting 2 UHauls full of food up to Morton on Thursday. I hope you can upload some FLIP so Bushymouthman Brother can imbed YouTube in the blog. I will meet with mission team tonight. Please post pix of Mission home and Outback House. A group pic of children will also be most helpful. Praying for you. 2-6-Heave.

  2. May you have good weather and safe passage. Our thoughts and prayers are with you, we will look forward to future blog postings.
    Cousin Brian and family

  3. Good morning!!
    I took a look at your weather & tried giving you a phone carrier does not provide that type of coverage. Please get this msg to Capt. Bob ASAP!! If you can make it to about 19.7 North in the Windward Passage by Tuesday evening, you should be okay...despite the winds you are experiencing right now. Things may get very rough north of the passage starting Tue night and continuing through the end of the week. N of 19.7N Lat., winds E 20-30 kts & 6-10 foot seas. S of 19.7N Lat, winds ENE 5-15 kts w/ 2-5 foot seas. Again, pls get this msg to Capt. Bob ASAP. --Rob Lightbown Crown Weather Services.