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Thursday, July 29, 2010

July 18-July 20

A very windy ride across the Cacois Bank where we anchored up for the night at the Ambergris Cays. Leaving in the morning in 30 kts of wind made for an exciting reef crossing at the Fish Cays. I timed our arrival at Cap Haitien for 8 a.m. as we wanted to offload and leave by noon. The holding ground is notoriously bad in the harbor and the trade winds really come up hard in the early afternoon. I was able to contact the two ministries that we had supplies for and after going thru the crazy game of trying to clear customs into a corrupt country with no one in charge, we offloaded art supplies for Hosean Ministries and food for Mission Restoration du North. I have no pictures of the offload as me pulling a camera out would not have gone over well with the people of the port. It was a very long and stressful day and was capped off by the wind and seas building to very strong levels as we sailed to Great Inagua.

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