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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Trip Log - June 25--July 3

The Star of the Sea, anchored at Little Farmer's Cay, Exumas

The first leg of our trip went well, with crew members being Capt. Bob Nichols, First Mate Adam Smith, Ship's Chaplain David Ames, and Second Mate Casey Delehanty. After a short rest and make-ready at Fiesta Key, we pushed across the Gulf Stream on the 27th of June. Gulf Stream crossing was uneventful, with a few rain squalls thrown in for excitement. David was able to catch his first barracuda under sail, and the crew's spirits improved with out eastward progression. After a beautiful full-moon sail across the Great Bahama Bank, we arrived in Chub Cay, Bahamas on Tuesday the 29th. After using a Jedi Mind Trick on the customs officer, we left for the Decca Channel between Andros Island and the Exuma chain. As we were approaching the Decca channel, David was able to catch half of his first yellowfin tuna, allowing a barracuda to keep the other half for lunch. We were also able to catch several Cerrial Mackerel, which made for a delicious lunch.

A one-day rest anchored at Piggy Beach at Big Major Spot was followed by a beautiful sail on the inside to Little Farmer's Cay, Bahamas. While in the Staniel Cay area, the crew was able to snorkel Thunderball Cave and spend a short time renewing friendships on the island. Our overnight in Little Farmer's was a treat, as we had dinner at the Farmer's Cay Yacht Club, being hosted by Mr. Roosevelt Nixon. The 60-mile sail to Smith Bay, Cat Island proceeded as planned, under a beautiful starlit sky until 3:30 AM, when a rare front from the Northwest came South far enough to make our lives quite interesting (read: sporty). An exhausted crew was happy to pull into Smith's Bay and Brother Junior Moss brought all the kids down to help with the cargo.


  1. May you have good weather and safe passage. We look forward to following your trip on your blog site. Our prayers and thoughts are with you.
    Cousin Brian and family

  2. Quite impressive that you have the time to post while doing all your travels! Safe journeys