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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Preparation and Thanks

I would like to start this blog by recognizing those who have helped make this trip possible. Number one on that list is my wife, Ellen, whose love, patience, and understanding go above and beyond. Thank you honey!

The following is a list of those who have been instrumental in making this voyage possible. I apologize for anyone whom I have left off.

Rob and Christie Bectal - Bristol Canvas
Dave Parks - Marine Electronics
Todd Tally - AME Electronics
Gulf Marine Ways
PPG - Ammercoat
Wendell Crowe - Deka Batteries
Tecnautics Refrigeration
Tom at Domestic Custom Metal
Andy Soper - Kingston Sail Loft
Mike Markley - Morton Salt
Brian Hubert and Greg Wood - Ambassador Services
Pastor Howard Davies, Merritt Island Cavalry Church
Cox's Mobile Marine Service
Bob Foote
Capt Chas of the motor yacht Giga Byte
Chip and Lynne Shotwell
Capt. John Puig
Alan McCall
Mike Diaz
Capt. Doug Walker
Capt. Frank Gumpbert
Brookes Paul Jones and Biron Toss - Rigging Consultants
Vern the Rigger
Cal the Welder
Capt. Ed Hogan
Mike and Gray Swor
Jim Bandy - Port Supply
Debbie Rogan
Doug Pierce - Pierce Marine Repair
Jim McElvoy
John Wright
Molly Marine
Dr. Ed Dean
Rod's Performance Marine

And a special thanks to our last minute angels, Chris and Debbie Swain and Jim Van Artsdalen, who helped out with a final financial push.

Special thanks to all those who are praying for our safety and speedy return!


  1. Awesome blog and great pictures. Continued smooth sailing. God bless you and all of the people who make your ministry successful. It is a shining light in a dark world.

    Sharon Randolph

  2. Crew,
    I miss you and I miss the boat. It was tiring work with 4 of us so I know you 3 are weary. Please post soon. You are doing a good thing and many prayers are with you.